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WOW, it has been two weeks since my last post and time has zoomed by!! I was hoping to be further along in the process but when you add in a magazine request for a craft how to, that pesky little thing called “work” and oh yeah- the 1st week of school…. well, I am sure you get the picture!

But never fear, forward movement has been made with space planning, thoughts of storage and even a few purchases!!

Here is a quick little collage for some inspiration –

To break it down, I am looking for simple storage solutions with tons of style!  I love the vintage inspired wire basket for scraps- it is perfect for my style and still very functional.  For me, out of site is out of mind!  So, I need things front and center.  I love the thought of using my scraps as a display feature.  An overflowing basket is the perfect reminder that it is time to sit down and create something fun to share.

With all of my “stuff”, space planning is going to be key for me.  I love the idea of having a wall of storage behind my desk. {photos included in the collage}  I have even purchased two tall storage cabinets with glass doors on top and drawers on the bottom.  I like the idea of swinging my chair around to a small table flanked by cabinets.  Ellie, my trusty sewing machine has found a new home on this table.

Since the cabinets are made with very straight and simple lines, I am on the hunt for a desk that has more feminine details.  This desk will be front and center in the space so it needs to be a statement piece.  I am also considering a reclaimed table like the blue office space in the inspirational collage.  Whatever I choose, I am sure it will be better than my current desk… aka- folding table.  It is so not pretty but very functional!  That means I am off to search the local antique shops, estate sales and web posts for the newest addition to the space.  I am thinking this might take some time.

Wish me luck!



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Moving over 600 miles is never fun.  But toss in a growing business, my “family 4 pack”, a Beta fish named “Lucky” and wow, life is a handful.

It was truly my hope to have this new studio space whipped into shape within the first few weeks of being here but clearly, that was nothing but a pipe dream.

So, today I thought that I would share a few pictures of the new raw space with everyone.


12 x 12 foot room

2 windows

French Doors

Loads of light (yay!!!)

Okay, the light is amazing but the space is a train wreck. Just look at that folding table of a desk. Crazy clutter!!

Clearly storage is going to be key.  I  need to figure out how I am going to manage to fit all of my goodies, supplies, machines and general “stuff” in this space.  Is the room spinning?  Oh wait, that is just my mind racing!

Over the next few weeks I will post new pictures of how the studio is progressing and what is happening in The Sewing Loft’s new diggs.

Stay tuned…. there are many fun things to share!!


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